Landing Page Optimization

YDA utilizes the best of UX and UI design to create landing pages that convert!

Landing Page Optimization

YDA utilizes the best of UX and UI design to create landing pages that convert!

What is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing page optimization (LPO) is when all of the aspects of your website are reviewed and improved in a bid to improve lead generation and increase conversions. These optimizations fall into conversion rate optimization efforts, and also lean heavily on data driven analytics, social media awareness, search engine optimization and paid media activities. Essentially, we’ll do a a deep dive of your web pages to help you see better results!

What problems can Landing Page Optimization solve?

Landing pages are a pivotal part of your digital marketing strategies and campaigns. These pages are specifically designed to generate leads or support the sales funnel. They are typically the final destination of most paid online strategies, and a lot of budget and resources are focused on driving traffic to these important pages. When a campaign successfully drives traffic to a landing page, it has done its job. When a landing page generates sales or leads, it has done its job. However, if people are clicking on the page but not following the call to action buttons, then money and opportunity are being wasted. This is where the UX and UI experts at YDA come into play.

Why partner with YDA to start optimizing landing pages?

A landing page is like an additional sales person. However, unlike your human team, this sales person never sleeps, never takes sick leave, and is always available, from any place and at any time. If your website page is not doing its job, it either needs to be replaced or revamped. That’s because a good landing page is usually easily found on search engines, and is a big part of any online marketing strategy.

The experts at YDA are not only well-versed in conversion rate optimization and traffic acquisition tactics, they are also experts at spotting why your target audience is not engaging with your page. It’s possible that your landing page design could be contributing to low conversion rates.

UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) designers will review your existing landing pages in conjunction with your marketing strategy and online campaigns. Together with you, we will ensure your target market not only reaches the final destination page, but that they carry out the desired action (purchase, form completion, download, etc) that is required of the page.

Some important landing page elements you might have missed include:

  • Updating every call to action and functional call to action button on your website.
  • Adding external links to your pages.
  • Ensuring valuable information like  your product/service and contact information is up to date on each page.
  •  Having a strong value proposition in your messaging.
  • Updating your meta description.
  • Ensuring mobile devices can access your website easily.
  • Using social media ads to link to your landing page can help boost traffic.
  • Using landing page optimization tools such as Google Analytics to analyse each web page for performance.
  • Landing page SEO or search engine optimization, which includes important elements like alt text, title tags and many more.
  • Using good social proof and inviting landing page copy can help your conversion rate.
  • Create a landing page form with form fields to help potential customers provide their personal details to you as a form of lead generation. 
  • Ensuring your landing page content is in the best position to impact your conversion rates. 
  • Using targeted landing pages for different audiences.
  • Using dedicated landing pages for different products or locations.