Traffic Acquisition

Traffic Acquisition

Why do I need a traffic acquisition strategy?

We know that the modern consumer relies on your website. 

As digital marketers, it is important to recognize that most of the traffic your website receives is because of some sort of traffic acquisition strategy. Traffic acquisition tactics make use of social media awareness, Facebook ads, SEO, SEM, optimized bounce rate, increased direct traffic, and funnel optimization to boost your website traffic numbers. It’s smart to use a data driven traffic acquisition strategy in relation to your business model.

How to improve traffic acquisition?

YDA can help you craft the best website visitor acquisition strategy with the most useful tactics for your business. More than anything, it’s important to create a long-lasting traffic acquisition strategy to improve your reach and boost your profit margin.

You will need to bring down your traffic acquisition costs to stop spending money on leads who won’t convert.

Traffic Acquisition

The main objective of effective traffic acquisition strategies is to bring the right people to the website, with a view to optimize conversions. Acquiring traffic to your site in a very noisy, crowded internet environment is not something that happens by accident. It requires a strategy that focuses on reaching your ideal customer at all their online touchpoints, whether they’re on mobile devices or computers.

Ask YDA for Traffic Acquisition Services

Our expert strategists will make use of the most relevant, most up-to-date channels to ensure your website gets the traffic you want from the people you wish to make your customers.

We can guide you through the right traffic acquisition processes for your needs. Working together, a traffic acquisition plan will be created that will boost your social media presence, google analytics, SEO, SEM, search traffic, funnel optimization and other strategies.

Social Media Awareness

You need customers to know about your business before you can generate more sales. Social Awareness involves digital awareness campaigns – such as Facebook Ads – on all the social media channels where your prospective customers frequent to drive traffic to your website and to increase brand awareness in the industry that you’re in.

Ask YDA for Improved Social Awareness

Social awareness is more than posting on social media. Working in conjunction with your traffic acquisition strategy, it involves campaigns across social channels, as well as emails, content creation, and more,  in order to show what your brand is all about. We will help you to understand all the necessary elements to a social awareness strategy, including looking at google analytics and the role that regularly using google analytics can have on your business.

Funnel Optimization

A marketing funnel has many steps, from spreading awareness, to nurturing interest, to customer evaluation, and ultimately, a sale or conversion. There are likely drop-off points along the way where customers aren’t engaging with your content enough at every step of the marketing funnel. You can benefit from funnel optimization at every stage, so you can gain more traffic at every phase.

Ask YDA for Funnel Optimization

The digital marketing experts at YDA are experienced at driving traffic to your website that results in clicks and conversions. We not only help you generate leads, but also ensure you enjoy maximum return on investment (ROI) from your lead gen campaigns through optimized marketing funnels. Using proven optimization strategies, YDA can craft the perfect sales and marketing funnel.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that involves improving the quantity and quality of website traffic from search engines that also improves important metrics such as bounce rate. SEO usually involves unpaid, organic traffic rather than direct or paid traffic and can be seen as a counterpart to SEM. It can include display ad strategies.

Ask YDA for Improved SEO

Using SEO can complement your social media strategy, and the traffic you can gain from a good SEO traffic acquisition strategy is monumental. We will help you build a comprehensive traffic acquisition plan using SEO as the main focus.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of paid advertising that ensures your website, brand, or offer appear on page one of search engine results pages. It primarily involves companies promoting their websites using search engines like Google and Bing.

Ask YDA for Improved SEM Results

We will help you build out your traffic acquisition to use SEM as the main focus as a complement to your existing SEO activities. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will give you the competitive edge you need in the online marketing world to show off your brand to the right audience and gain more traffic.

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