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Turn big data into accurate actions

Data analytics and big data reporting in digital marketing are essential. With analytics you understand the unique opportunities your online marketing can leverage, you identify areas and gaps in the market, and can map out market growth potential.

Data analytics draws on data from Google Analytics, Twitter analytics, YouTube analytics, Instagram analytics, Facebook analytics, CRM, emails data, and more to produce analytics insights that non-analytics professionals can use to action results.

When advanced data analytics and reporting are done accurately, you get data-backed predictions that give you the confidence to make swift and accurate marketing decisions.

Turn big data into accurate actions

YDA’s advanced data analytics experts use core analytics and digital analytics reporting to give you business insights.

More than just pie graphs, we turn raw data into meaningful insights that make it crystal clear what has happened, what is happening now, and what is likely to happen.

This actionable information allows marketers to hone in on accurate brand positioning, offering, and messaging. It also ensures they are agile and can respond to fluctuations in the market ahead of time, thanks to trends and predictive insights. Uncover the secrets behind purchase decisions, reproduce ideal customers, stay ahead of the curve, and much more by deploying the power of data analyst reporting and insights for your marketing plan.

Why choose YDA for data analytics insights and reporting?

We’re certified data analysts at the top of our game.

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The team of experts that you can access at YDA are top of their class when it comes to data analytics and reporting. We turn raw data sets into visual presentations that allow you to make data-backed decisions. No more gut-feel decisions or second-guessing!

We will help you understand your company’s marketing results, analytics, and the potential that lies ahead, in ways that are easy to understand and present our findings to the business at large.

Our team will help you discover gaps in the market, scope for digital marketing improvement, and hidden growth opportunities for your business.

We are the analytics tool you need to gain a deep understanding of how your business is doing and knowing how you can improve business performance.

YDA uses the latest tech, machine learning, and software to collect, organize, sort, and analyze your marketing data. web analytics to start organizing data to make it easy to interpret. We always choose a data driven approach that is highly beneficial to you, and use real-time data to give you an accurate picture of your marketing and your business.

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