Acquisition Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Business

Grow your audience. Get new customers. Generate revenue

Through our data-driven approach to marketing, we can not only help you generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs), sales qualified leads (SQLs), and brand awareness, but also demonstrate that your efforts are paying off.

Whether you need acquisition marketing tactics from a full-stack digital marketing team, or as an extension of your team, we are the perfect fit. Our experts deploy best-practice strategies that target consumers to rapidly increase the likelihood of purchase for your product or service.

At the forefront of all our efforts in acquisition marketing is our earnest desire to see your business grow. To do this we use data, analytics, and our decades of experience in growth marketing and full-funnel marketing.

We create paid campaigns and landing pages that convert.

We generate content that is read by your target audience.

We engage with your ideal customer on social media.

We optimize your website for SEO to bring organic traffic.

We optimize your sales funnel so that you know where, why, and when drop-offs occur in your sales funnel.

To do all that, we work closely with you to devise a marketing strategy that turns your goals into our goals, and your KPIs into our KPIs. In this way, our cohort of growth marketing experts follows the same North Star.


Acquisition through search engine optimization (SEO)

Improve the quality and quantity of website traffic to your site through SEO. This unpaid traffic source. It complements your paid strategy, your social media strategy, and your off-site PR and advertising tactics. The traffic you can gain from a good SEO strategy is monumental. To boost your organic ranking and ensure your traffic acquisition grows, we deploy a host of SEO services.
  • Technical SEO expertise for your website & apps
  • On-page SEO with content optimisation, alt tags, title tags and meta descriptions
  • Content creation that is keyword-driven and engages your audience’s points of pain
  • Internal linking strategies to keep visitors engaged on your site for longer
  • App/playstore search/rank optimizations so that your app ranks well
  • Youtube SEO to optimize your website and channel
  • Off-page SEO and backlinking strategies and tactics to drive high domain authority link juice to your site

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Traffic acquisition through paid advertising (SEM)

Ensure your website, brand, app, and offering appear on page one of search engines like Google, Bing, and more through SEM. Paid advertising helps build out your traffic acquisition, and compliments your SEO, social media, and content creation strategies. Showcase your brand to the right audience and gain more traffic, more conversions, more revenue. Whether you need Google Ads, YouTube ads, ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, on Google Display Network, or LinkedIn Ads, YDA’s SEM experts give you the competitive edge you need in the online marketing and growth marketing world.

See how Companion Medical saw 1,365% growth in leads, and 45% reduction in CPA

Social media marketing for engaged audiences

Make customers aware of your business through social media channels. Social media marketing finds your target audiences on the channels they frequent – such as Tiktok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others. This drives targeted traffic to your website, and increases brand awareness. More than posting on social media, YDA experts create social media campaigns across channels that complement your traffic acquisition, content creation, paid media, and organic traffic strategies.

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Social media marketing | YDA
Content marketing | Digital Marketing | YDA

Content marketing for strategic traffic growth

Plan, produce, distribute, and track inbound marketing content for greater acquisition. Whether your content marketing tactics are aimed at educating, engaging, entertaining, or adding value to your target audience, we have the content creators who can do this for you with ease. Generate ebooks, videos, podcasts, blogs, whitepapers, emails, social media content calendars, and SEO-optimized content so that your content answers questions your target audience needs answers to, drives traffic, and feeds the sales pipeline. Turn strangers into customers with tailored content marketing.

See how optimized content marketing grew traffic for New Costumer

Funnel optimization so you get the right traffic at the right time

You want clicks to your website, sure. But you actually want traffic acquisition tactics that result in clicks and conversions. We not only help you generate leads, but we ensure you get maximum return on investment (ROI) from your lead genaration campaigns through optimized marketing funnels. Through proven funnel optimization strategies, YDA crafts the optimum sales and marketing funnel. From spreading awareness to nurturing interest, to customer evaluation, and ultimately, to the culmination of a sale or conversion, your team at YDA optimizes the sales funnel in its entirety. Identify the drop-off points in your sales funnel so that you attain greater acquisition results.

Grow, Optimize, Deliver with YDA

Get the ease-of-growth that comes when a full-stack digital marketing team backs your goals. Convert more traffic to your site or app into revenue-producing customers. Elevate your campaigns with results-producing strategies and creatives.

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