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Swedish SEO Agency Gets Supercharged Content Results

The partnership between New Customer and YDA

New Customer is a SEO agency that is focused on the improvement of their clients’ SERP and traffic results from SEO. .

Why on earth would one agency approach another agency for help?

“We love what we do,” says Robert Nyberg at New Customer, “and our customers love the results we bring them. But demand for good SEO content creation and optimization is so vast, we just were not able to keep up with our content writing quotas.”

The meeting place of Google bots and people 

As SEO and copywriter experts in their own right, New Customer understands that writing for one is not always writing for the other. You cannot only write for Google bots and load content with keywords, and all the while alienate the human reader who needs to consume the content.

Likewise, you cannot write lovely, flowy text, and hope your content is going to rank one page one on Google because of how good it is. Everyone and their uncle is hoping this will happen for them, so what makes your content different?

No, content – no matter how good it is – will only rank well in Google if you know how to optimize it accurately to honor user intent on organic search.

“The challenge New Customer faces is not uncommon, and it is very real,” says Alex from YDA. “SEO and copywriting are exacting sciences. You need copywriters who are a unique hybrid between nerdy wordsmiths and SEO-geeks. In addition, the content needed to be in English and Swedish. This is a rare mix of skills, indeed.”

Thankfully, YDA has a cohort of just such bilingual nerds and geeks who just love to get their teeth stuck into this kind of challenge. Alex is Swedish and operates out of Cape Town. His horde of merry marketing enthusiasts dot the rest of the planet. Together, they make up a pretty comprehensive assembly of creative, technical, and passionate marketers.

For this reason, New Customer knew they could trust YDA to deliver what they needed, and approached YDA to partner with them. 

SEO results that skyrocketed

The task was clear. YDA needed to supercharge New Customer’s content strategy and key deliverables, and needed to do it fast. The SEO and content creation experts at YDA got stuck right in. 

First, YDA reviewed the content creation process at New Customer and saw what was good and what could be better. Then the writers reviewed New Customer’s clients’ keywords and target audience personas that contextualized the content pieces. And then, they started writing!

The results are astounding. 

YDA is pleased to show that – once again – good marketing can and should stand up to careful analytics and results measurements

Here are the results that YDA showed New Customer.

  • 600 SEO-optimized content pieces for New Customer were delivered
  • The content output for New Customers’ clients improved by more than 100%
  • Their content creation process was supported and optimized
  • SERP results for New Customer clients saw improvements across many key industries
  • Tracking and measuring of KPIs improved

“We delivered fast, high-quality and cost-effective SEO writers in Swedish and English,” says Alex at YDA, “which I believe really helped improve output for New Customer.”

“We are thrilled with the outcomes,” says Robert at New Customer. “Their content input was right on the money. It was the boost we needed, when we needed it most. And it was a pleasure working with Alex and his merry crew at YDA.”

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