Inbound Content Marketing and Strategy

Does your digital content powerfully engage your visitors? Ask YDA for effective content and strategies that work!

Inbound Content Marketing and Strategy

Does your digital content powerfully engage your visitors? Ask YDA for effective content and strategies that work!

First, what is an inbound content strategy?

An inbound marketing content strategy is a well-documented plan of action to help you plan, produce, distribute and track inbound marketing content that will draw the right visitors to your website. This will be through content marketing that is focused at your inbound marketing towards engaging, educating, entertaining, or adding value to your target market. This could be through blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, whitepapers, longform blogs, email marketing, social media, and SEO. Once you have attracted the right traffic to your site, this content strategy will help you continue engaging with them until they are ready to become paying customers.

What problems can inbound content marketing, and content marketing, solve?

Simply put, using inbound marketing can help you turn strangers into customers of your business and turn customers into promoters of your business. 

Inbound marketing or content marketing can be a powerful tool to establish your brand as the leading voice in the industry. It not only shows off your knowledge and IP of the subject matter, it also show active relevance in an ever-evolving landscape.

Searchable content adds towards your visibility on search engines and is part of your marketing tactics that support your overarching marketing strategy.

Creating content out of thin air for the sake of content creation is daunting, if not impossible. An inbound marketing strategy-informed plan serves as an empowering guide for content creators to effectively, purposefully, and regularly deliver content that your prospective customers not only want to engage with, but that will help bring them closer towards a conversion decision.

You can think of this inbound marketing strategy as a roadmap that will keep you on track and on time during the entire duration of your inbound marketing efforts.

Why choose YDA for Inbound Marketing?

At YDA, we understand the need for content that does more than fill a page with words.

We will audit your inbound content strategy to find gaps or room for improvement. We will devise a content strategy that falls in line with your overarching marketing strategy. We will also provide an action plan that will help more potential customers find your company’s online presence, and ultimately become paying customers. Don’t underestimate the importance of inbound marketing and content marketing. Having a strong content marketing strategy could make a world of difference for your sales team. Your content marketing will also help your social media marketing and search engine optimization efforts, as your keywords and key topics can be shared across your entire strategy.

Some things you may have missed include:

  • Confusing inbound marketing with outbound marketing. They are literally opposite in every way! Inbound marketing lets leads come to you.
  • Not paying enough attention to your inbound marketing tactics and expect organic traffic to appear no matter what.
  • Not setting up inbound methodology to ensure you keep getting new business. Your inbound marketing methodology should be solid.
  • Not offering valuable content or relevant content that your audience enjoys.
  • Consider using marketing automation software to action inbound-specific qualified leads or lead management.
  • Reaching your target audience with the best content you have to offer.
  • Setting up a scaleable content marketing process for future efforts. Content marketing is not as simple as it seems.
  • Not crafting buyer personas as a vital first step.
  • Ensuring your marketing team and sales team are on the same page. Ensure you know the sales funnel inside out before setting up inbounds.
  • Using paid advertising or blog post for organic traffic only, when it could work well for inbounds.