Conversion rate

Conversion rate

What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is the process of assessing and improving your landing pages on your website, and other collateral, to ensure they are effective in increasing the chance of lead generation and conversions for your business.

However, there is no silver bullet when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

YDA ensures every aspect of CRO is utilized – such as landing page optimization, analytics, attribution modelling, and reporting – so that your website visitors turn into customers.

When is improving CRO right for your business?

Your website has a number of places where your potential customer is invited to convert into an actual customer. This could be on a landing page, a contact page, and a call to action such as sign up, buy now. When looking at the rate of conversion on your site in a bid to increase the number of new customers you get, it is important to look at many different elements.

CRO is one of the key areas to improve on your site if you hope to boost your revenue.

For this reason, conversion optimization is an essential part of your marketing strategy!

Advanced and Core Analytics

Digital analytics for marketing refers to the use of digital tools to better understand, analyze and report your company’s marketing data. It is one of the ways you can closely monitor results from every digital channel where your brand is active on your website.

With this in mind, you will need to stay on top of your analytics on a regular basis to inform and improve the future of your marketing efforts.

Ask YDA for Improved Analytics

Let our analytics experts unpack the digital data your online channels are sending through.

In this way, we can clearly see what your customer wants more of, or less of, from your brand, and help steer your marketing energies in the right direction.

Our analytics experts ensure your digital footprint is doing the job it is meant to do through advanced and core analytics.

Attribution Modeling

Attribution modeling is the best way for you to keep your finger on the pulse of your digital channels, and to know which ones are working and which are failing. You need to know where your sales are coming from, and how to attribute them correctly. It is important to know which channel or touchpoint to credit for sales and conversions in your conversion journeys. This is the basis of attribution modeling, which you can use to keep track of your customer journeys. It is one of the most essential elements to have in place if you use an omnichannel or digital marketing strategy.

Ask YDA for Improved Attribution Modeling

An attribution model is the best way to understand how your visitors are interacting with your site.

We’ll help you understand how to attribute the total number of visitors who interacted with different touch-points, and how you can improve upon these.

You can believe that YDA will build the best attribution modelling solution on your website.

Conversion rate optimization

What is a conversion rate?

Think of your conversion rate as the number of paying customers on your website divided by the total number of visitors who didn’t make a purchase.

We all want more of your target audience to purchase our products or services. To start achieving this goal, you can optimize the elements of your online marketing that lead to a conversion for continued results.

This is the basis of understanding conversion rates and how to optimize your conversion rate and conversion funnel for the best possible results. It is an ongoing process and involves looking at page load time, average conversion rate, split testing, analysis tools and more.

Ask YDA to Improve Your CRO

When it comes to improving conversion rates, we recommend A/B tests. A/B tests are effective in experimenting with different messaging and variables on your landing pages and social media profiles, to see which version your customer prefers. 

One of the most important goals to conversion rate optimization is to ensure your customer takes the desired action. This could be to make a purchase on your website, to request a demo or call back, to join your newsletter database, or anything else you want them to do.

We will do a full conversion rate optimization audit to ensure we are on the right track to effectively boost conversions on your channels. We will calculate conversion rate if needed, too.

Reporting (Data Analyst insights)

Data Analysis through Google Analytics for marketing is one of the best conversion rate optimization tools. It will help you gain the qualitative and quantitative data you need.

Data analysis gives you insights regarding the market, helps you analyze and understand it, and create a corresponding marketing plan that will increase revenue. You can also use reporting or data insights to see how well you have done in the market with your current strategy. It includes the progress and results of the past period, which you need to know to improve your marketing efforts going forward.

Ask YDA for Improved Reporting

Data analysis can impact on your conversion rate optimization – so you want to ensure you are always looking at your data and understanding it correctly.

By unpacking marketing-related information, including statistics and detailed analysis, you can understand user behavior and website traffic, create a strong first impression for first time visitors, and change things on your website to better engage with your audience.

Whether you have an online store or e-commerce site, or sell services, you can benefit from better reporting.

All of this results in more clarity, and more conversions.