Swedish SEO Agency Gets Supercharged Content Results

New Customers is an SEO agency focused on improving their clients’ SERP and traffic results from SEO. Why on earth would one agency approach another agency for help? “We love what we do,” says Robert Nyberg, Co-Funder of New Customers, “and our customers love the results we bring them. But demand for good SEO content […]

Ramping up organic traffic for Lanterna | SEO and Organic Traffic


The partnership between Lanterna and YDA Lanterna signed on for full SEO services in  2020. During this time, the team as a collective assisted and worked alongside Lanterna to increase their market share in the industry. This was successfully done, despite the market being significantly down compared to last year. One of our key goals […]

A true growth companion for Companion Medical

Companion Medical is an innovator in the healthcare sphere. And when we say innovator, we mean it in the truest sense of the word. They have literally changed the shape of the medtech industry, as well as the lives of countless diabetes 1 and 2 sufferers.  Companion Medical – acquired by Medtronic in 2020 – […]

How Live Shopping Got Even Hotter with Bambuser – A Case Study

How Live Shopping Got Even Hotter with Bambuser – A Case Study Live shopping events are changing the customer experience. There is a huge opportunity for ecommerce merchants to generate sales through live videos shared via social media platforms and live shopping networks. Read on to learn about the industry-wide wins by Bambuser, a market […]