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Rebtel & Your Digital Assembly – Connecting Expats with Home


Rebtel: 1 company. 3 products. 5million+ global customers. 

Swedish telecoms giant, Rebtel, enables millions of expats to stay connected to home. As a Rebtel user, customers can do everything from supporting their families, to staying in touch with the people they care about – making sure they feel connected, wherever they are. The Rebtel offering consists of three main products:

    1. High-quality international calling & messaging. Rebtel provides an alternative to traditional telecom operators, which often charge higher rates for international communication.  International calling through local numbers, enables users to make calls to home.
    2. Airtime top-ups and transfers (mobile recharge).  Rebtel offers safe and reliable international airtime top-ups with no hidden fees. Users can send airtime to friends and family in three steps from the Rebtel mobile app on Android or iPhone, as well as online. 
    3. And NEW Money Transfer in minutes! As the newest product in their arsenal, Rebtel’s international money transfers help customers make quick and efficient transfers back home via an easy-to-use app and with zero transfer fees. 

      The challenge: Rocket-Launch Rebtel’s New Money Transfer Service

      Over 272 million people have migrated worldwide. So, the ways in which business serve and speak to their audiences simply can’t stay the same. 

      That’s where Rebtel comes in, as one of the biggest names in the global mobile telecoms industry. Their primary audience? Mainly expats who are chasing their career dreams or forging a new path in a new country who want and need to stay connected to home.

       In light of this, Rebtel set out to launch international Money Transfers with tons of benefits for expats around the globe. But in such a competitive and potentially lucrative market, how could they get the word out in 50+ countries without squandering massive amounts of advertising budget? 

      The approach: Supercharging Rebtel’s SEO

      Your Digital Assembly suggested launching Money Transfer via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as paid marketing would have incurred massive costs. With a comprehensive plan in place, that leveraged optimized content for highly targeted audiences, we set out to support the launch globally, online.

      The Methodology: Performance in progress with Rebtel & YDA

      The campaign would take combined effort between the Rebtel and YDA teams. 

      • Keyword research to identify high-intent and informational  content opportunities
      • Content prioritization and planning based on keyword research findings
      • Creation of topic (keyword) cluster. 
      • Content creation in English, Spanish, and French and publishing over 120 landing pages.
      • Tactical optimizations to incorporate keywords + CTAs into title tags and meta descriptions.
      • Updated app store descriptions (For both Google Play and iStore).
      • New money transfer landing page indexed 
      • SEO traffic generated to Rebtel website and apps

      The result

      As a direct result of research, optimizing content, putting technical elements into place and beginning to execute a broad-spectrum content campaign, Rebtel and YDA achieved:

      1. A robust on-page strategy spanning global locations in multiple languages
      2. A marked increase in organic traffic and app downloads
      3. New landing and thematic pages across product types
      4. Optimized existing content and digital brand presence

      We expect to see even greater organic growth as more emphasis on SEO impacts rankings. 


      “Your Digital Assembly (YDA) has been working with us for more than a year, and in that time, they have helped us level up our Search game. From providing technical support to connecting us with the right tools, people, and methodologies, YDA has consistently shown themselves to be an agency that goes above and beyond to help us achieve our goals. 

      Maintaining a very human approach as well, working with them is not just effective – but feels natural and focuses on our real end customers. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

      Ezim Osai, Rebtel

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