Case Study: Bambuser Live Shopping Marketing Strategy

The partnership between Bambuser and YDA

Live shopping events are changing the customer experience. There is a huge opportunity for ecommerce merchants to generate sales through live videos shared via social media platforms and live shopping networks.

Read on to learn about the industry-wide wins by Bambuser, a market leader in providing the means to host a live shopping experience.


How Full Funnel Marketing Brought Accelerated Growth to Bambuser

Live shopping is taking the online retail space by storm. Bambuser is the leading video shopping technology provider in the space that has devoted itself to developing the world’s leading video shopping software.

Passionate about providing authenticity, character, and unparalleled performance for the world’s most prestigious companies, Bambuser has turned the concept of traditional, stagnant online shopping on its head.

Is it the right time in the market for an online video shopping provider who knows their stuff?

Well, with clients like Samsung, Farfetch, Clarins and LVMH Group brands, etc. choosing Bambuser again and again, we’re thinking the answer is a big, resounding yes!

Understanding the future of retail and target online shopping

Retail as we know it is evolving before our very eyes.

Live shopping platforms

The why-wait mentality of modern consumers is accelerating the trend toward live video shopping, which is now starting to take root on e-commerce and online shopping platforms.

Live shopping events

As with many things fast and retail-related, we have China to thank for this. A recent livestream shopping event hosted by popular influencer Viya in 2019 drew more than 43 million customers!

Now, three years later, livestream shopping in China is expected to reach close to $423 billion in revenue.

Live video shopping explained

To wrap your head around what live video shopping is all about, picture it this way: Instead of simply liking a post or following your favorite influencer on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, you can now directly purchase the products they on social media ads for example.

The reason it is so effective is twofold: first, our desire for human connection, and second, our quest for discovery. Live video shopping offers consumers all of this, tied up in a neat digital bow, and effortlessly delivered straight to their screens.

Live stream shopping brings people closer. But first you have to reach those people.

Attracting the right people to your highly-anticipated online shopping event that is seamlessly underpinned by online video shopping platforms like Bambuser needs savvy marketing.

In much the same way as Bambuser’s live shows rely on an audience to succeed, so too the main challenge Bambuser faced was in educating marketing and marketing ecommerce professionals about the advantages of Live Shopping to their webshops.

In much the same way, attracting B2B customers to Bambuser’s unique offering was proving a challenge.

“Our team of experts are the best of the best when it comes to live video shopping solutions,” says Bambuser executive Martin Garbarcyk. “But we were just not satisfied with our own marketing results. We needed a team of B2B marketing experts who could create ‘something out of nothing’ so to speak, get results, and do it fast.”

Go live with Your Digital Assembly (YDA)

While Bambuser had everything developed from a software, media, and digital integration standpoint, they needed growth marketers who would change things around and come up with a growth marketing strategy.

They approached Alex Macura from Your Digital Assembly (YDA) Growth Marketers for some extra-hot-sauce marketing.

“We understand full-funnel, B2B marketing,” says Alex, “But the first thing we needed to do was deeply understand Bambuser. This is the only way we would know how to best meet their needs.”

The marketing team at YDA got to work and started to map out a marketing strategy.

Customer journey – They unpacked the buyers’ funnel, from awareness, acquisition, activation, and retention to referral.

Sit-rep – They carried out a situation analysis of what was working and what was not.

Digital marketing analytics – They then delved deeper into customer personas, user experience, digital growth channels, and analytics.

From this they were able to put inbound strategies into place that would ensure the right target audience became aware of – and engaged with – Bambuser’s offering.

Full steam ahead

“With a fully-fledged full-funnel marketing strategy in place that incorporated personalized messaging, personas, downloadables, tracking, growth framework, split tests, and attribution modeling,” says Alex.

He adds: “YDA successfully deployed Bambuser’s inbound full-funnel marketing strategy in France, Japan, UK, Germany, USA, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and saw massive increases in their performance metrics and KPIs.”

-3.56 USD in return of Ad Spend

-Quarterly sales increase of 206% in 12 months.

-Growth of 131% compared to the previous year.

-Increased SEO traffic across focus markets by 50%.

LinkedIn Award | Digital Marketing

In fact, YDA’s achievements with Bambuser were so significant that LinkedIn awarded them the VMC Digital Marketing & Engagement Award for 2022.

“There’s no better receipt nor recognition than when LinkedIn highlights and awards your amazing job and skillsets!,” says Martin G, CRO at Bambuser. “Hats off!”

Best live shopping platform: The award-winning Bambuser.

How full-funnel B2B marketing and attribution modeling made it happen

YDA explains how they got these astonishing results.

“The best way to deploy business-to-business growth marketing is through a well-structured multi-channel full funnel strategy,” says Alex.

Full-funnel marketing sees marketers deploy campaigns and tactics on multiple channels all along the customer’s touchpoints throughout their journey. YDA’s in-depth knowledge of Bambuser’s ideal customer profile (ICP) – such as company type, annual turnover, personas, etc – supported effective targeting and message delivery throughout.

Top of funnel awareness – This could be through Google search Ads, LinkedIn, and YouTube, which are driven by keywords and competitors.

Mid-funnel consideration – Lead generation through content marketing, whitepaper downloads, Google remarketing, and case studies that effectively drive the consumer further along the marketing funnel.

Bottom of funnel conversion – The deal is closed through optimal landing pages and placement of key trust queues, benefits, features, and pricing.

Retention and referral – Keeping customers satisfied will keep them coming back for more, and turn them into brand ambassadors on your behalf. We used a highly-effective Google remarketing strategy, directing traffic to the Bambuser Academy landing page designed for optimal conversion.

However, unlike B2C customers where the decision to buy is governed solely by how the individual feels, B2B customer conversions are more complex and less autonomous.

Most B2B companies must nurture prospects for far longer than B2C companies do before they become paying customers.

Plus, B2B prospects subject vendors through multiple internal processes and approval – typically at group level – before being signed off.

YDA therefore needed to create a well-designed marketing funnel that guides the B2B buyer through the sales process. This is how it looks like:

Ideal customer
YDA focused all their efforts on attracting and championing Bambuser’s ideal customer.

Solving the problem
With the ideal customer firmly in sight, YDA then showed how Bambuser solves their unique problem.

YDA ensured that Bambuser was active on all the digital channels that the ideal customer frequents.

The content creators at YDA ensured messaging was consistent across all channels.

Personalized UX
Content was personalized against each of the buyer personas to ensure optimal engagement.

Campaigns were created that would meet the prospect at each phase of the buyers’ journey, and help them progress to the next phase.

Lead capture and nurturing
Lead generation campaigns brought in the right people to the prospects pool. Effective nurturing campaigns, drip campaigns, and value-adds were created to keep leads warm for the sales team.

Data analysis and improvement
Without data tracking in place, it is impossible to know what is working, and what is not. YDA ensured tracking and analytics were well set up, so that iterative learning and improvements could be made with each passing month.

Once a new business had become a Bambuser client, it was imperative to understand which channel and touch point to credit for the conversion.

This is so that growth marketers at YDA know where to push spend and effort, and where to ease off.

This is done through attribution modeling.

“This data-driven approach to full-funnel marketing ensures our team knows where the big-conversion points are in the funnel,” says Alex. “This allowed us to increase ROI, reduce waste, and improve productivity.”

“Getting 3.56 in ROAS in the enterprise SaaS space is unheard of!” says Martin Garbarczyk, Chief Revenue Officer. “Our sales team started to get high-quality leads and the results speak for themselves! Unprecedented growth on our digital platforms was delivered by a team of easy-to-work-with experts in their respective growth marketing fields. We highly recommend Alex and his team at YDA for all full-funnel B2B marketing.”

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